sábado, 9 de febrero de 2013

Amazons Colombia

The Amazon is considered the lungs of the world thanks to its thick vegetation cleans most toxic gases on the planet. That means carbon dioxide, we produce by breathing, and it is toxic, is taken by these trees and converted into oxygen through the process of photosynthesis.

The more important topics in this place is the biodiversity, the variety of fauna and flora. For example 20% of the world's species of birds are found in the Amazon forest.

This place is ideal for people who love nature and the environment.

The Pink Whales 

It is perhaps one of the Colombian departments where it has been preserved with more grace the presence of the Amerindian Arawak linguistic family.

There is a very important park in the Amazon region and you can not miss and is Amacayacu National Park which is a spectacular protected area near the Amazon River.This park is an important nature reserve in the Colombian Amazon.

The name "Amacayacu" means "Rivers of the Hammocks" in the indigenous language Quechua.

Constituted by the national government in the mid-seventies to the wildlife preserve, was designed to be an educational and outreach of the natural wealth of the Amazon rainforest, for it since its creation was endowed with a center visitors.

To be in this place Soloo not know about nature but will completely change ambiene we live daily in the city, the sound of chariots, the polluted environment .. etc.
In This place you can breathe pure air, and heard absolutely tranquility. Is an ideal place to relax and clear the mind.

This park is destination for tourists from the Colombian Amazon and has a network of trails which can hike ecotourism.

The area is considered of scientific interest, as many zoological specimens were collected in the park.

Travelers can climb trees over 40 meters high and observe the landscape from above. To go to the island, in the village of Santa Sofia, should go from Leticia point three borders

Monkey Island

its name comes from the large number of monkeys that live there, likewise, are exposed to view  tourists.

Play and feed the monkeys is the main attraction of the island, located 35 kilometers north of Leticia (Amazonas).

  450 hectares of forest are inhabited by several species of birds and of course, monkeys.

Loving nature...!!!